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Butcher Block & Countertops

Custom Butcher Block and Hardwood Countertops 
are a stunning focal point in your kitchen!

Designing your custom countertops is easy.


Choose the Wood

As a hardwood retailer, we have dozen's of wood species available, from domestic to exotic imports. A few of the more popular choices for countertops include maple, ash and white oak. But there are many other species available. Then when you add in your choice of color-rich stain, the possibilities are endless!

Butcher Block

Choose the Construction to suit your style

  • BUTCHER BLOCK has been a long-time staple in kitchens across the nation. It's made up of strips of wood (staves) measuring about 1-3/4" wide. Multiple strips of wood are glued together on edge to create the width of the countertop. Butcher Block hides the natural face of the wood, but the edge-grain surface offers a unique appearance and a highly durable work area that even hides
    minor cuts.

**Our butcher block features staves that are the full length of the top--no butt joints. If a butt joint is necessary to reach the required length, it's no more than one randomly placed joint per stave. And we'll let you know before production begins.

  • WIDE PLANK ​countertops consist of each plank being glued side-by-side to create width. This is the most popular style of counter today, as it allows you to see all the beautiful face grain and features of the wood. Plank Style countertops can be finished with a food-safe topcoat that resists scratches, and requires little-to-no maintenance. 

Don't forget the Edge! Countertops have a routered profile on all exposed edges. This can be a decorative addition to the design or a something very simple. (Today, the 1/8 round over edge is most popular.) Click on the photo to view edge profiles.

Click here to view a PDF of available edge profiles.

Monocoat Can

Choose the finish

While you may choose a flat finish that brings out the wood’s natural grain or a high gloss for a more modern appearance, the finish is the most important step! ​As part of our commitment to being an eco-friendly company, we’re proud to offer two finishing options:

Our most popular choice is our commercial-grade, water-based polycarbon topcoat. It seals and protects the wood grain while providing a beautiful, easy to clean surface. Available in flat, satin and gloss.

We also offer Rubio Monocoat Natural Oil Finish. It's a plant-based, hardwax oil

that is sustainable and also free of many chemicals found in traditional finishes.

It’s unique quality and durability produces a very natural, authentic feel to the

surface of the wood.

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