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Hollow Beams & Mantels

Get beautiful wood architectural elements without the cost
and weight of real timbers.  ~  Just Go Faux!

Our hollow beams, mantels and shelves are made from real wood! We surface each board to ¾” thick and join them together with secure, locking miter joints.

The result is a natural wood feature with a virtually seamless appearance—even up close!


Designing your custom mantel or beams is easy.


Choose the Wood

As a hardwood retailer, we can make your beams, mantels and shelves from most any wood species. Some of the more popular choices are cypress, yellow pine, white oak, and poplar. Consider if you’ll be adding texture and/or stain to the finished look. If so, you may opt to go with a less expensive wood as much of the grain may be obscured by the finishing techniques. Check out the images below to see popular wood options for hardwood beams and beams.



Choose the look to suite your decorating style

  • Smooth—Fully displays the wood's natural grain. This versatile option is suitable for rustic farmhouse or sleek contemporary. It is the least expensive option and the easiest to finish (for the DIYers).

  • Wire Brushed—After assembly, the hollow piece is texturized with a series of stiff wire brushes to the enhance natural wood.

  • Rustic—Add centuries-old character to the rustic appearance with authentic looking ax marks, worm holes, and aged nicks and scars.

Rustic Pine sample.png


Wire Brushed Rift Sawn Red Oak Sample.png

Wire Brushed

Monocoat image.JPG

Choose the finish

While you may choose a flat finish that brings out the wood’s natural grain or a high gloss for a more modern appearance, the finish is the most important step! ​As part of our commitment to being an eco-friendly company, we’re proud to offer two finishing options:

Our most popular choice is our commercial-grade water-based polyresin. It seals and protects the wood grain while providing a beautiful, easy to clean surface. Available in flat, satin and gloss.

We also offer Rubio Monocoat Natural Oil Finish. It's a plant-based, hardwax oil

that is sustainable and also free of many chemicals found in traditional finishes.

It’s unique quality and durability produces a very natural, authentic feel to the

surface of the wood.

Bring the natural character of real hardwoods into your home
or professional space. Request a quote.

FAQ Beams & Mantles

FAQs: Hollow Beams, Mantels & Shelves

What are these beams made of?

Our beams, mantels and shelves are made using only real woods. Unlike molded polyurethane beams, our architectural elements are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. They are "faux" because they are hollow, but look like solid wood.

What sizes do they come in?

Hollow units start at 3" thick and can be most any depth and length for a flawless fit.


Are faux pieces heavy?

Because our beams, mantels and shelves are hollow, they weigh a fraction of the weight of solid wood. They are easier, faster and less expensive to install than solid timbers. Our elements are strong and durable, but easy to handle & transport.

How do I install it?

The most popular way to install a mantel is by simply
attaching a wood cleat on the wall, sliding the mantel
over the cleat, then drilling screws through the top of
the mantel into the cleat. Screws can be set flush to
the top or countersunk so that they are not easily visible.


Can the beams support my ceiling/roof?

No, hollow beams are not structural elements and should
not bear structural weight.


Can you add LED lights?

Yes! Because these elements are hollow, adding LED
lighting is an easy upgrade. Try doing that with a solid

How do I take care of it?

Our finished beams are sealed both inside and out, So other
than the occasional dusting, no maintenance is necessary.

If cleaning is needed, use a PH neutral cleaner such as
Blue Dawn dish soap or Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner with

a soft cloth. Wipe dry.

How much weight can a shelf support?

A lot depends on the depth of the shelf and how it is installed.
For deeper shelves that must support heavier items, you may
add support brackets 
beneath the shelf, OR extend wood or
steel ribs from the wall. 
This is a more involved process that
will require carpentry 
skills and tools. The illustration shown
here is only an example and does not represent

installation instructions.

Mantle, cleat & screws.PNG
Matel with ribs.PNG
Visit Us

While you can request a quote online (below), you are always welcome to visit our shop to discuss your project in person, to see available wood species or to make color selections. We'll also show you around the shop to see the latest projects in production.

We're open M-F, 9-5, and Second Saturday of the month, 9-1. Just let us know when you'd like to stop by. 

Click here for more information about visiting our facility. Keep scrolling down to view videos of our shop in action and to read FAQs about architectural elements.

Beam/Mantle Quote

To request a quote for Faux Beams, Shelves, or a Mantle, please complete the form below. If you don't know the exact measurements right now, that's OK. We can finalize sizes before the order is placed. If you need a quote for more than one item, please use the "Comments" field to include that information. Have a sketch or diagram? Attach it to this form.

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Thank you. We'll have a quote back to you soon! Usually by next business day.

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