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FAQs: Hardwoods

Is all of your lumber rough sawn?

Yes, when purchasing hardwoods, expect them to be rough sawn. Boards will need to be surfaced, jointed & ripped to width before you can begin your project.

What is the moisture content of your wood?

Due to Florida's high humidity, the MC in our kiln-dried lumber is typically 9% depending on the weather. The MC will change from outdoors into an air conditioned home pretty rapidly. We have not seen it be an issue unless you are working with some air dried lumber that has not dried enough.


What if I just need a small piece?

We'll cut a single board to sell you a smaller piece, as long as we have at least 4' left to go back on the rack. (limited to one board per species)

Will you cut out my project for me?

While we offer shop services of surfacing and jointing to help you prepare your wood for your project, we cannot cut out your project. We'll rough cut your boards to your requested length, but PLEASE ALLOW EXTRA MATERIAL to square up the ends when you build your project.


Do you offer volume discounts?

When you purchase 100bf or more of any mix of hardwoods, we'll discount the hardwoods by 10%. For larger volume orders, call ahead. We'll check availability with our suppliers and may be able to offer you a better price.

I want my wood to all look the same. Can I place an order for wood as a "lot," like flooring or wallpaper, etc?

Not exactly... Wood is a product of Mother Nature--not human manufacturing. Even if you buy the whole log, the wood will have mineral stains, bug holes, grain variations and knots that are inconsistent. 

Can you cut my 2" thick board in half?

Splitting a thicker board into two thinner pieces is called resawing. That is not a service we offer at this time.

I need a board that is 1/4" thick. What do I do?

At this time, we would have to plane a 4/4 board down, so you would lose a lot of material. The thinnest we will surface a board
is 3/8". 

I don't have a truck. Should I bring a saw to cut the boards in the parking lot to fit in my car?

Leave the saw at home. We'll rough cut your purchase of hardwoods for transportation (not to project size) for free. For plywood, the first rip or cross cut is free. After that, plywood cuts are $3.50 each.

I'm making a seven foot table in red oak, but all of your lumber is 12'. That will leave me too much waste. What can I do?

We understand that sometimes, the length of the available boards in our rack could leave you with an extraordinary amount of waste and a higher than budgeted lumber bill. We work with multiple suppliers, so we may be able to order a length more suitable to your project. Most species of domestic hardwoods are available in 8', 10', 12', 14', and 16'. It may not be available, but we'll gladly check for you. (Exotics tend to be more limited on available lengths.)

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