• Carla Urbany

Why do Wood this Holiday Season?

If you've ever considered giving a hand-made, wood project during the holidays, here's why you should!

Items made from sustainable forests are environmentally friendly. It requires very simple manufacturing to transform wood into usable items. And these items have a long lifespan that can be extended many times over through repair and refinishing—and even repurposing—before going into a landfill, where it’s naturally biodegradable. With the easy availability of Earth-friendly oils and water-based finishes, wood is really the modern-day champion for going green!

There are literally hundreds of items you can make with wood. Just ask Pinterest! And they all make great gifts. From simple, usable items around the home, to trendy home décor items, to, of course, furniture. Farm house décor is extremely popular right now, but if your gift-receiver is not into rustic, that’s ok! Wood can easily take on a sleek and modern feel just by the hand of the woodworker. It’s wood, but you’re definitely not locked into one style.

Wood is unique. No two pieces are the same, so everything you make from wood will one of a kind. Wood gifts are great for the person who has everything or your “secret pal” at work. And handmade gifts reveal a lot about the giver, like a passion for woodworking or great talent in the shop.

Project image courtesy of Nick Lyman


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