• Carla Urbany

Have you heard about Monocoat?

Several of our customers are big fans of a product called Monocoat. If you’re not familiar with it, Rubio Monocoat is a hardwax oil finish imported from Belgium. It was engineered to be an environmentally friendly floor finish, but its popularity has led to much wider use, including tables, countertops and furnishings. Monocoat’s big advantage is that it’s applied in just one coat. You read that right. Mono (one) coat! The secret, I’ve learned, is to not just slather the oil onto the wood’s surface, but to work it into the wood with the recommended application pad—the maroon floor pad. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes, then buff off the excess oil with a clean cloth or the white floor pad. It requires no build up like traditional polyurethanes and it’s a completely flat finish. You can get a soft sheen from the product by topping it with Universal Maintenance oil. But it leaves a very natural, authentic feel to the surface of the wood, and offers quite a durable level of protection. After all, it’s floor finish!

An additional benefit of Monocoat is that should the surface get damaged (or even begin to show its age), it’s easy to repair and refresh. Just lightly sand and apply a new coat. The oil reactivates and bonds with the old stuff. There is a growing collection of videos on Youtube about Monocoat, but more information, including Monocoat’s full range of oil colors and prestain, is available at www.monocoat.us. Piqued your interest? Pick up a can of Rubio Monocoat next time you’re at the shop. We carry the 275ml can of “Pure” color—which dries to a slight amber tone. 2C Oil only (fully cures in 3 weeks) is $45 and the 2C Oil plus Accelerator (Parts A & B; fully cures in 7 days) is just $53.

Picture: The Joinery, Lakeland, FL. Monocoat was used extensively on the custom ash tables and seating areas throughout the local gathering spot.


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