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Short Cut Kits for Woodworkers

Get a jump start creating beautiful wood projects using preselected cuts of popular hardwood already surfaced and straight-edged. Save time and enjoy less prep work! Get right to creating your woodworking project!

Each kit includes: Poplar hardwood to create the project shown, Cutting Pattern(s), Assembly instructions

Use the tools and supplies you already have in your shop to complete the project, such as wood glue, wood screws, clamps, etc. 

Finish with rich a coat of stain or paint it any way you want! You’re the boss!

Why Poplar? Poplar is a versatile hardwood often used for home furnishings and decor. It’s easy to cut and its light grain pattern finishes beautifully with stain or even just a coat of clear sealer. Poplar is also easy to paint, so the finish possibilities are endless!