Faux Beams, Mantles & Shelves

Exposed ceiling beams, substantial fireplace mantles and chunky shelves are highly sought-after architectural features that add natural character and warmth to your home or professional space.


Get beautiful, wood architectural elements without the cost and weight of real timbers.

~  Just Go Faux!  ~

Ten Fabulous Facts You Should Know About Faux Wood Beams, Mantles & Shelves

  1. Are made using only real woods. Unlike molded polyurethane beams, our wood features
    are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

  2. Are "faux' because they are hollow, but look like solid wood.

  3. Can be ordered in most any thickness, depth and length, for a flawless fit.

  4. Can be texturized, stained and/or finished for any decorating style. No more hours wasted driving across the state searching for the perfect timber--just order it!

  5. Are a fraction of the weight of solid wood, so they are easier, faster and less expensive to install.

  6. Are free of rot, warping, and insect damage often found in reclaimed lumber.

  7. Are always less expensive than reclaimed timbers and often less costly than solid wood.

  8. Strong and durable, but easy to carry, handle & transport.

  9. Are hollow, so adding LED lighting is an easy upgrade. Try doing that with a solid timber!

  10. Are maintenance free. Just install and enjoy.

Our faux beams, mantles and shelves are made from real wood! We surface each board to ¾” thick and join them together with secure, locking miter joints.

The result is a natural wood feature with a virtually seamless appearance—even up close!


Three Simple Steps to Designing your Faux Elements

Choose the Wood

As a hardwood retailer, we can make your beams, mantles and shelves from most any wood species. Some of the more popular choices are cypress, yellow pine, white knotty pine, white oak, ash and poplar. Consider if you’ll be adding texture and/or stain to the finished look. If so, you may opt to go with a less expensive species as much of the grain may be disguised by the finishing techniques.


Choose the look to suite your decorating style
  • Smooth surface—Fully displays the wood's natural grain. This versatile option is suitable for rustic farmhouse or sleek contemporary. It is the least expensive option and the easiest to finish (for the DIYers).

  • Textured—After assembly, the hollow piece is texturized with a series of stiff wire brushes to the enhance natural wood. This effect works best on softer woods such as cypress, pine and poplar.

  • Rustic—Add centuries-old character to the rustic appearance with authentic ax marks, worm holes and aged nicks and scars.


Choose the finish

While you may choose a flat finish that highlights the wood’s natural grain or a high gloss for a more modern appearance, the finish is the most important step! ​As part of our commitment to being an eco-friendly company, we’re proud to offer two finishing options:

Our most popular choice is our commercial-grade water-based polyresin. It seals and protects the wood grain while providing a beautiful, easy to clean surface. Available in flat, satin and gloss.

We also offer Rubio Monocoat Natural Oil Finish. It's a plant-based, hardwax oil that is sustainable

and also free of many chemicals found in traditional finishes. It’s unique quality and
durability produces a very natural, authentic feel to the surface of the wood.

Monocoat image.JPG

Bring the natural character of real hardwoods into your home
or professional space. Request a quote.

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