Butcher Block, Countertops & Tables

The rich, organic beauty of sustainable hardwood counters and tables are a gorgeous and environmentally-friendly choice that accentuate today's open kitchen design.

But don't let hardwood's natural good looks fool you! Hardwood surfaces are tough and can stand up to daily life. Then after the chaos settles, the authentic character of real wood creates a comfortable place for family and friends to gather. 

But how do you begin to select beautiful wood surfaces for your home or business? It really comes down to 3 simple steps:  1) Wood species  2) Construction Style  3) Finish

​We go into each of these points in greater detail in our NEW Interactive Designer's Guide. View it now for a look at the variety of options and other useful information.


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Below is some additional information about choosing hardwoods, including answers to some frequently asked questions. We hope that these resources assist you in your decision for choosing the best surfaces for your home or business. 

Are wood countertops easy to maintain?

Surprisingly, yes! With today's products, it's simple to choose a finish that will stand up to daily use and still be easy to maintain. As part of our commitment to being an eco-friendly company, we’re proud to offer two finishing options--a commercial grade, water-based poly-resin and a plant-based hard-wax oil. Each finish offers unique benefits, but both are durable and food safe.

Can you have an undermount sink?

With a properly sealed wood countertop, an undermount sink will be a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

Besides Butcher Block, what other style is there?

It's true that Butcher Block has been a kitchen staple for decades. After all, it's desirable look and easy-to-maintain quality makes it the perfect neutral in the kitchen. But it's not the only option!

Today, more and more designers are turning to wide plank countertops to create a stunning statement! Wide plank counters show the full face of the board with all of the varying beauty of the grain. Whether you choose the mild grain pattern of Hard Maple or prefer the more rustic look of Ash, a wood top brings together the whole kitchen for a magnificent look. (See our Designer's Guide for more information.)

Can you cut on Butcher Block?

In years gone by, Butcher Block was used as a cutting surface and for food prep. Chopping directly onto the counter was simply part of life. Today, most people select butcher block for it's natural beauty and want to preserve the appearance. So, you can handle Butcher Block one of two ways.

  • Cutting directly on Butcher Block--In this case, the wood is left unsealed, and instead, is conditioned regularly with a mixture of mineral oil and natural wax. This requires maintenance and over time, the surface will show wear--especially in your favorite work spot.

  • NOT cutting on Butcher Block--Most people prefer this option. It preserves the beauty of the wood, and because the counter is sealed, it offers the greatest protection, while requiring little-to-no maintenance.

What if I want Live Edge?

Few things compare to the natural beauty of live edge tables and bar tops. And there are many options to choose from. The thing to remember about live edge is that your options may be limited by the selection you can find in your area. Are the slabs long enough? ...thick enough? ...the right shape? ...the right color? ...the right species? ...the right look? But when you find the right slab, the finished look can be amazing.

There is also the option of a faux live edge. This starts with a plank style countertop and the edge is tooled by hand to mimic live edge. The secret with creating a beautiful faux edge often lies in the finishing, using burning or glazing techniques to create age and depth.

Custom CNC Inlay

Yes, you can design a conference table or countertop that will be remembered, with your logo inlaid in a contrasting wood or epoxy. 


You have questions? 

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