Eco-friendly Finishes​



As part of our commitment to being an eco-friendly company, we’re proud to offer these finishing products—one is water based and one is oil based.


Welcome Aquacoat, the environmentally friendly way to bring out wood’s natural beauty. Aquacoat products have a long history in the wood finishing industry. And as demand for professionally-proven, low VOC, water-based products grows, Aquacoat is leading the charge with easy to use fillers, stains and top coats.

Among the products we carry:

Wood Grain Filler—This easy-to-sand clear gel wood grain filler is great for filling the pores in woods (such as oaks, mahogany, ash, and many others). The results are a smooth-as-glass surface. It can be used on raw wood or after stains, sealers, or topcoats.

Blotch Barrier—Aquacoat Blotch Barrier controls the penetrations of stains on porous or soft woods to produce a uniform stain color and prevent blotching. Add it to hardwoods for even better finishing results!

Aquathane Top Coat—Gloss & Satin— Aquathane topcoat is a specially formulated
aliphatic polyurethane. It has an acrylic polymer blended in for added scratch
protection and superior moisture resistance. Plus, it is easy to spray, non-yellowing,
and can be re-coated in as little as 30 minutes. We’re currently stocking Aquathane
in satin and gloss, and will be adding flat soon!

Brushable Urethane Varnish—Gloss & Satin–Not every finish job requires
dragging out the spray equipment. This Aquacoat formula features a unique
polyurethane/acrylic blend specially formulated for brushing—and still produces beautiful results. Premium grade synthetic bristle brush recommended. Fast soap & water clean up!

One of the best features of Aquathane is that the product line includes additives to achieve professional-level results. We’re currently using Aquathane with the Cross-linker for finishing tables and countertops. The crosslinker enhances the hardness of the topcoat to commercial-quality toughness. 

You can read more about Aquacoat products, FAQs and watch demo videos at

Rubio Monocoat

Rubio Monocoat Natural Oil Finish is the leading plant-based, environmentally responsible, sustainable, nonpolluting, single-coat, durable wood finish. Rubio Monocoat contains 0% VOC and has no effect on indoor air quality.

Rubio Monocoat does NOT contain:

  • Formaldehyde

  • Ammonia

  • Acetone

  • Solvents

  • Preservatives

  • Odor-masking agents

  • Chemical residuals

  • Heavy metal drying agents:

  • Arsenic

  • Beryllium

  • Chromium

  • Cadmium

  • Nickel

  • Lead

Rubio Monocoat DOES contain:

  • Natural Plant Oils

  • Modified Plant Oils

  • Natural Waxes

  • Modified Natural Waxes

  • Non-aromatic Hydrocarbons – 0% VOC

  • Lead-free Catalytic Dryers

  • Organic Pigments


We carry Monocoat colors: Pure and Natural. For more information, visit:

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